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Latest Headlines

Scientists build neural-like stem cells from mouse muscle tissue

Researchers successfully used muscle tissue in adult mice to create neural-like stem cells, and they believe the finding could be a way to treat neurodegenerative diseases, brain tumors or brain and spinal cord injuries.

Japanese scientists wield stem cells to create eggs and then baby mice

News that Japanese scientists successfully used mice stem cells to create eggs and then fertilized them to produce baby mice is a big enough breakthrough, representing the first successful use of stem cells to create a mammal. A team at Stanford University aims to take this even further, however, and create healthy human sperm from stem cells.

UPDATED: Nobel Prize in medicine goes to stem cell research godfathers

Two men--one in the United Kingdom and the other in Japan--are winners of the 2012 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for advances they've brought to stem cell research and cloning over 40 years of work in the field.

Athersys stem cell therapy displays power as MS treatment

Athersys said its adult stem therapy for multiple sclerosis has produced lasting neurological improvements in recent animal studies and stopped the disease from progressing.

UC Davis: Induced pluripotent stem cells resemble cancer cells

Scientists have long seen the potential of using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) to treat a variety of diseases and injuries. But previous researchers have linked the treatment to an increased cancer risk. And new research by University of California-Davis researchers identifies a possible reason why: That the cells are, in fact, similar to cancer.

Researchers use pancreatic stem cells to boost insulin production

Japanese scientists have found a way to spur transplanted pancreatic islet stem cells to differentiate into insulin-producing pancreatic cells. A mouse flu virus appeared to be the key to making this happen.

StemCells wins $20M grant to fuel preclinical Alzheimer's treatment advance

StemCells is getting $20 million from California's $3 billion stem cell funding initiative to advance the preclinical development of its Alzheimer's disease drug candidate. The goal: to move toward human trials within four years.

Worm stem cells carry tissue regeneration clues

An ongoing focus in regenerative medicine is to figure out how pluripotent stem cells behave with both cell regeneration and disease. After all, they will be successful treatment tool only when researchers fully understand their modus operandi. A new study has uncovered some new clues, based on careful scrutiny of planarian worms.

Johns Hopkins team turning blood cells into stem cells

There may be a better, more efficient way to trigger adult blood cells into becoming research- and patient-worthy stem cells.

Melanoma stem cells may carry provocative drug target

Melanoma stem cells are marked by a particular enzyme that could serve as a potent new target for treatment, a University of Colorado Cancer Center study concludes.