Stem Cells

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Latest Headlines

Engineered viruses rebuild heartbeat

Using viruses to deliver a single gene, U.S. researchers have reprogrammed heart cells and converted them into working biological pacemakers that could regulate the erratic beating of a failing heart.

Stem cells from blood may be more patient-friendly

U.K. researchers have found a less painful way to source samples to make stem cells, using blood rather than biopsies, and their findings could pave the way to treat cardiovascular disease and rebuild patients' hearts and other organs.

Skeletal muscle stem cells boosted recovery in heart attack-stricken rats

Stem cells derived from skeletal muscle helped improve heart function in rats after a heart attack, according to new research by scientists in Norway.

Stem cell-reliant HIV vaccine launches animal studies in January

Scientists at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute have big plans for a new treatment designed to help stop the transmission of HIV. The San Antonio Express-News reports that in January they'll start testing a genetically engineered vaccine in rhesus monkeys that interacts with epithelial stem cells to do its job.

Irish effort explores stem cell treatments for diabetic complications

Researchers in Ireland will pursue preclinical trials to see whether stem cells derived from bone marrow can be used to treat a whole slew of diabetes-related complications.

Stem cells: A future treatment for Type 1 diabetes?

Researchers in Austria were able to both identify and isolate adult pancreatic stem cells, and then trigger their transformation into functioning, insulin-producing cells that behaved in response to glucose, Medical News Today reports. After initial success in a test tube, the team also generated promising results in mice.

Stem cells produce the next potential Alzheimer's treatment

As we know, so many attempted Alzheimer's treatments haven't yet worked. But could a new type of cell get the job done?

Stem cells undo male infertility in chemo-treated monkeys

In macaque monkeys, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and colleagues successfully used stem cells to reverse sterility caused by cancer treatments, and the team used sperm from one of the treated animals to successfully fertilize a number of eggs. The hope is to eventually use the same treatment in young boys made infertile by chemotherapy, though the treatment itself carries cancer risks.

Duke team builds viable cartilage from induced pluripotent stem cells

Duke Medicine scientists used induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from mice to build new cartilage viable enough to treat osteoarthritis and cartilage injuries. They hope to test their process next with human cells.

Wisconsin company to provide stem cells for NIH research

Cellular Dynamics International will supply stem cells to the National Institutes of Health Center for Regenerative Medicine for the next three years part of a new contract worth up to $7 million, the Wisconsin State Journal reports.