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Canadian Immunovaccine reports positive preclinical data for Ebola vaccine

As the Ebola outbreak continues to claim victims in West Africa, governments and industry alike are racing toward a therapeutic or preventive drug that could help halt its deadly spread and avert future human crises involving the virus.

Tuberculosis biomarker predicts protection against disease symptoms

Scientists have pinpointed a protein that plays a role in protection against Mycobacterium tuberculosis in people who are infected with the pathogen. 

Scientists engineer opiate pain medicine without using poppies

Stanford bioengineers are designing an opioid-based medication that can treat pain effectively without the need to grow actual poppies. The research could provide an alternative production method to growing poppies, which aren't found in the U.S.

Study: Early barriers in drug development are widespread

Drug development bottlenecks are typical and inevitable in clinical trials, but there may be more holdups during the discovery and preclinical phase than previously thought, according to a new study.

Low levels of enzyme in Alzheimer's brains suggest new drug target

Many experimental Alzheimer's therapies have tried--and failed---to reverse or halt symptoms of the neurodegenerative disease by targeting the protein amyloid β in the brains of affected individuals. New research suggests that another culprit may be behind the development of Alzheimer's.


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