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Looking for an alternative to pricey Daraprim? You may be in luck

Now that Turing CEO Martin Shkreli has stirred a global frenzy over his move to jack up the price of toxoplasmosis drug Daraprim by more than 5,000%, investigators say they found that the high blood pressure drug guanabenz is effective against the latent cyst state of the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis. And as it's already approved, it could be quickly repurposed.

Industry and academia join sides to test DART therapy in HIV-infected cells

Scientists at Duke University Medical Center, the University of North Carolina, and the biotech MacroGenics have teamed up to design a molecule with the capacity to bind HIV-infected cells and unite them with the immune system's killer T cells.

FDA's 'breakthrough' endorsement carries real weight with the public

Make no mistake. If a patient has a choice between a "breakthrough" drug and a rival therapy described in simple clinical terms, the breakthrough will win every time. That's the conclusion of a new study that tested out the impact that words like "breakthrough" and "promising" have when they're linked to a drug.

Researchers zero in on immune system's role in Alzheimer's

Researchers at Brigham & Women's Hospital have been exploring the links between the immune system and Alzheimer's, looking for new insights that could help guide drug development.

Epigenomic combo shows promise in mouse model of pancreatic cancer

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine have found that combining two drugs that target the epigenome of cancer cells may be effective in killing off pancreatic tumor cells.


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After repeatedly batting back doubts about its lead gene therapy, Spark Therapeutics says its pivotal study for SPK-RPE65, an FDA-designated "breakthrough" for sight-blighting inherited retinal dystrophies, came through with positive data. The biotech says that the treatment hit the primary and two of three secondary endpoints in the late-stage study, setting up a biologics license application at the FDA next year.


Veeva Systems bought its nearest competitor in life science content management systems, Zinc Ahead, in a $130 million purchase that will combine the top two companies in the specialized field.