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HIV gut-hiding ability revealed

In a finding that could help scientists develop better therapies against HIV, investigators at the University of California, Davis, have discovered how HIV hides out in reservoirs in the human gut to avoid eradication.

Gene therapy prevents botulism in mice

A gene therapy method tested in mice may eventually be able to replace the current form of treatment for toxin exposures that cause ailments such as botulism.

ZMapp antibody therapy prevents Ebola infection in monkeys

The drug, a combination of three monoclonal antibodies, has so far been given to 7 patients in the current Ebola outbreak.

On-off switch found for natural antibiotics maker

Scientists have identified a switch in soil-dwelling bacteria that turns on a process to make naturally derived antibiotics--a mechanism that may be useful in creating more effective antibiotics to combat increasingly resistant superbugs.

Canadian Immunovaccine reports positive preclinical data for Ebola vaccine

As the Ebola outbreak continues to claim victims in West Africa, governments and industry alike are racing toward a therapeutic or preventive drug that could help halt its deadly spread and avert future human crises involving the virus.


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