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Alzheimer's study finds a molecule that might stymie critical stage of the disease

Scientists at some of the most prestigious research institutions in the U.K. and Sweden say they've found a molecule that could disarm the toxic clusters of amyloid beta that are believed to trigger Alzheimer's, offering a new approach to treating the disease.

UC San Diego group zeroes in on breaking a link between obesity and diabetes

Investigators at the University of California-San Diego say they've identified a crucial link between obesity and diabetes, and now they're zeroing in on a new drug that can break it.

MD Anderson team explores a combination approach against cancer metastasis

Researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center say they've devised a new strategy for attacking breast cancer tumors before they metastasize.

Study: New antibody blocks dengue virus

While Sanofi has been working long and hard on a promising late-stage dengue vaccine, investigators in the field believe that there are some real limitations to its effectiveness. Now a team led by Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore has discovered an antibody which they say has demonstrated a powerful effect against the dengue virus, pointing to a possible new therapy that can fight it.

Science team spotlights a potentially game-changing approach for ovarian cancer

Researchers at the Wistar Institute say that they have zeroed in on a potential new therapeutic target for a subset of the most aggressive cases of ovarian cancer. And they're heralding the discovery as a big step toward the first effective therapy for the lethal disease.


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Israeli-American biotech Chiasma has raised $70 million in Series E cash, moving on from an aborted collaboration with Roche and rolling toward FDA approval with a treatment for the hormone disorder acromegaly.


Amid growing backlash over the use of laparoscopic power morcellator devices in minimally invasive gynecological procedures, the U.S.'s largest health insurer is tightening its reins on coverage for hysterectomies.