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Researchers add insights to IL-37's anti-inflammatory potential

Investigators at Monash University say they have illuminated some of the mechanisms that IL-37 uses as a natural anti-inflammatory, building on years of lab work that has spotlighted this as a target for a variety of conditions.

Scripps investigators ID a key player in disarming chemotherapy

Multidrug resistance to the chemotherapies in wide use today is a lethal problem. As patients stop responding to drugs, they become increasingly vulnerable to a deadly assault. Now investigators at The Scripps Research Institute say they have illuminated a key protein that plays a big role in promoting drug resistance, offering a new approach for investigators designing the next generation of new and improved cancer therapies that won't eventually be disarmed.

Canadian researchers study a new mechanism of action for cancer metastasis

During childhood, a protein called DENND2B plays a big role in spurring the migration of cells, a condition that fades as well. But now a team at the Montreal Neurological Institute says that they have discovered that the protein also appears to play a part in promoting metastasis.

Investigators hatch new model for testing obesity drugs

Two different teams at Columbia and Harvard have independently created neurons out of iPS cells that regulate appetite, offering a new model for investigators who are studying new weight drugs and various elements of weight control.

CRISPR project points to a new approach on Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Investigators at Duke have turned to a new gene-editing tool to come up with a new approach to Duchenne muscular dystrophy that theoretically could apply to a majority of the boys afflicted with the fatal rare disease.


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Health Canada, which has been accused of not providing the public with enough info about quality concerns over the drugs sold there, says it will increase the number of plant inspections it will do and put more information online.


Mallinckrodt will slap down $2.3 billion to buy Ikaria, a privately held drug company and its respiratory med for babies in neonatal ICUs. The deal will help Mallinckrodt grow its hospital drugs business, with a $150 million boost to revenue this year.