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UC Berkeley team says brown fat implants may effectively tackle obesity

A team of scientists at UC Berkeley have developed a technique that utilizes the protective effects of brown fat--which may potentially lead to a new approach to manage obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

TSRI researchers spotlight a hidden cause of antibiotics resistance

A team at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have characterized a novel set of genes that are "switched on" during drug resistance of the important human pathogen—Staphylococcus aureus.

New method uses coated gold nanorods to treat pain

Tiny gold nanorods have been the subject of a number of preclinical studies. Now a team at the University of Kyoto in Japan says they coated the ultrathin rods with a fat-transporting protein and found that it could be a very effective treatment for pain.

Liver X receptors studied as a new class of cancer meds

Two researchers at the University of Houston say that recent work highlights the promise of liver X receptors, or LXRs, as a target for hard-to-treat cases of pancreatic cancer.

Harvard/MIT group sees promise of a targeted IBD drug delivery tech

A group of specialists drawn from Brigham and Women's Hospital, Mass General and MIT have come up with a new delivery technology that they believe could make a radical difference for patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease.


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Shares of Patterson Companies were down more than 7% to $45.53 on Thursday morning, after the distributor announced disappointing results for its fiscal first quarter. The company reported sales of $1.1 billion and earnings of $46.9 million, or $0.47 a share. Even though earnings were up more than 17% year-over-year, analysts had been expecting EPS of $0.54 on sales of $1.8 billion.


Sterilization specialist Sterigenics International is investing $10 million to add a new gamma cell to its Gurnee, IL, facility.