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Scientists look to a pathway in the gut to fix fatty liver disease

The buildup of fat in liver cells--which leads to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease--has become a major public health issue. Now investigators say they have their eyes on a potential pathway for new drug development.

NIH's children's health study ends as a $1.2B disaster

After 14 years of work and $1.2 billion in costs with nothing to show for it, the NIH has decided to cut its blockbuster losses on an ambitious but bungled attempt to study environmental influences on children's health.

UT team zeroes in on a new small molecule target for glioblastomas

A team of neurologists at UT Southwestern notes that EGFR is activated when epidermal growth factor (EGF) binds to it, promoting tumor growth and damping down its response to chemo. And they believe they may have found a particular pathway during their research that could prove attractive for developers involved in oncology.

Investigators hit on a new class of stem cells

A research team says it has developed a new type of stem cell--capable of developing into any kind of tissue--that could pave the way to new cell lines that could be made more efficiently, opening up its potential in R&D.

PKC-epsilon pathway offers a new line of attack against cancer cells

In order to survive, cancer cells often rely on the protein kinase C epsilon signaling pathway to sort out tangled DNA that would otherwise trigger their destruction, according to a team at Cancer Research UK. So blocking the pathway could mark another line of attack against those cancers that depend on that "lifeline" the most.


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AbbVie won an expected FDA approval for its next-generation treatment for hepatitis C, kicking off a race with Gilead Sciences for dominance in a blockbuster field.


Myriad Genetics won FDA approval for its companion diagnostic test for AstraZeneca's ovarian cancer drug Lynparza, giving the company a boost as it recoups from its latest patent battle loss and helping it gain ground in a fast-growing market.