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International team tags a key brain pathway for hypoglycemia

A transatlantic team of researchers says that they have identified a new pathway in the brain that plays a critical role in signaling hypoglycemia. And they add that it's a solid target for drug researchers working in the blockbuster field.

Scripps investigators refine new drugs for Parkinson's disease

The Florida branch of The Scripps Research Institute is touting some new advances related to Parkinson's disease. Researchers say they have been working on new therapies that can precisely hit pathways critical for the death of brain cells, a hallmark of the disease. And they're now fine tuning their work by focusing on the oral bioavailability of their new drug candidates.

Psoriasis researchers identify a lineup of suspect proteins behind disease progression

The recent approval of Novartis' Cosentyx marks the first in a whole new lineup of psoriasis drugs coming into the market. But there's still no cure and only a hazy understanding of the root causes of psoriasis. But scientists at Case Western Reserve say they've identified four proteins that they believe may contribute to the disease.

UCSD team turns the PKC tumor theory upside down

A team at UC San Diego says that Protein Kinase C (PKC) enzymes, long believed to spur tumor development, are in fact tumor suppressors.

Michigan investigators finger ATDC gene for aggressive pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer has long loomed as one of the most aggressive killers, typically leaving patients with a poor prognosis and specialists with few options for effective treatment. But now a team at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor says they have new reason to believe that a particular gene is responsible for the fast-spreading cancer--offering a clear target for drug developers.


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FiercePharma Manufacturing

European regulators have joined the FDA in suggesting joint plant inspections and training with their Indian counterparts. The offers come as India's industry has lost status in recent years as the FDA and other countries have banned Indian plants from shipping to the U.S. and Europe over quality and data-integrity issues.


The European Commission has cleared GlaxoSmithKline's deal for most of Novartis' vaccines unit--on a couple of conditions.