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J&J, Lundbeck spearhead an R&D consortium focused on depression, neurodegeneration

Johnson & Johnson and Lundbeck are throwing some scientific muscle behind a new initiative at the Wellcome Trust which enlisted researchers at 7 top academic research institutions in an effort to determine what role the immune system and inflammation play in depression and neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.

Investigators hit on a new class of stem cells

A research team says it has developed a new type of stem cell--capable of developing into any kind of tissue--that could pave the way to new cell lines that could be made more efficiently, opening up its potential in R&D.

Repurposed fibroblasts may open the door to new melanoma drugs, screening tech

Researchers have hit on a new approach to creating functional melanocytes, the body's pigment-producing cells. And their work could spur a fresh approach to screening and developing new drugs for melanoma as well as producing new cell-based therapies for a variety of skin diseases.

Scientists look to a pathway in the gut to fix fatty liver disease

The buildup of fat in liver cells--which leads to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease--has become a major public health issue. Now investigators say they have their eyes on a potential pathway for new drug development.

Joslin investigators urge cosmetics groups to get into anti-aging R&D

Scientists interested in anti-aging research are being pointed to new treatments that build collagen or other proteins absorbed in the extracellular matrix that supports body tissue and bone. And a team of researchers is suggesting that cosmetics companies--relentlessly focused on prolonging youthful looks--may be the best sponsors of R&D programs focused on these new pharmaceuticals.


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Nonpublic information about Abbott's May agreement to buy CFR Pharmaceuticals helped score a former CFR board member a hefty profit, according to U.S. regulators. And they're charging him with insider trading.


Bristol-Myers Squibb has won a pioneering FDA approval for Opdivo (nivolumab), its top therapeutic asset in the pipeline, as a new therapy for melanoma.