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Naturally occurring antibiotic found in human bacterial colony

Scientists have discovered a natural antibiotic within a community of bacteria in the vagina, a finding that could point the way toward other human therapeutics.

Google's Calico acquires UT Southwestern compounds for neurodegenerative disorders

A new class of compounds discovered by investigators at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center that could treat a range of neurodegenerative disorders has caught the eye of Google's new biotechnology venture Calico.

Protein stops bone loss in arthritic mice

Researchers have pinpointed a small protein that may offer protection against bone loss associated with arthritis, a discovery that could lead to new treatments for the condition, which affects nearly one in 5 Americans.

Geneva Foundation gets $3M NIH grant for Ebola drug work

The Geneva Foundation, along with partner BioFactura, received a grant of more than $3 million from the U.S. National Institutes of Health to develop an antibody drug to combat the Sudan strain of the ebolavirus.

$64M NIH initiative will catalog cell responses to drugs

The U.S. National Institutes of Health is launching a 6-year, $64 million program that will catalog human cell responses to drugs and genetic factors with the goal of aiding the development of new therapies for a range of diseases.