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Latest Headlines

Scientists to WHO: E-cigs could help lower disease rates

Top scientists from around the world are discouraging the World Health Organization from classifying e-cigarettes as tobacco products, arguing that doing so may hurt efforts to curb tobacco use.

Tobacco-chewing may damage crucial gene

Doctors have long blamed chewing tobacco for causing oral cancer. And let's admit this: It's a pretty gross habit. But researchers in India now believe that it also causes genetic damage, India Today

Medicago, BU design tobacco vax factories

Efforts to speed up vaccine manufacturing have shifted into overdrive now that flu season is here. Tobacco and virus-like particles are currently in the headlines for efforts geared at developing

DARPA efforts tweak tobacco-based vax making

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is funding four efforts to develop vaccine manufacturing processes based on fast-growing tobacco plants. Under its Blue Angel initiative, begun in May

GSK asks FDA to block smokeless tobacco

Smokeless tobacco foes just got a new ally. GlaxoSmithKline has asked the FDA to pull R.J. Reynolds' dissolvable tobacco products off the market completely. The products--Camel Orbs, Camel Sticks and

Senate hands FDA tobacco powers

Congratulations, FDA. You now have the dubious honor of regulating tobacco. Yesterday, the U.S. Senate gave its final stamp of approval to a bill that gives the agency power to regulate cigarettes

House votes to give FDA tobacco powers

The FDA is one step closer to getting another industry to regulate. The House voted yesterday to give the agency the pleasure of supervising tobacco. FDA would be allowed to reject new tobacco

FDA tobacco bill advances in Congress

Just when the FDA is getting plenty of criticism for lackluster oversight of food and drugs, it could be facing a new challenge: regulating tobacco. The House Committee on Energy and Commerce is set

New push for FDA power over tobacco

You can't fault the new Congress for lack of zeal. Already, lawmakers are pushing for a big tobacco bill that would charge the FDA with regulating cigarettes. Sponsored by Sen. Ted Kennedy--after

House votes to treat tobacco as a drug

If the U.S. House gets its way, the FDA soon may have even more power-- to regulate tobacco as a drug. Reps voted overwhelmingly to charge the agency with overseeing the tobacco industry, in spite