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Latest Headlines

Big Pharma still a big deal for NJ economy, despite cost cuts

Pharma has long boosted commercial real estate in New Jersey, with some of the world's biggest drugmakers calling the state home. And that's not changing anytime soon, a new report says--despite layoffs and consolidation moves.

FDA closes out inspection on Ranbaxy New Jersey plant

The company posted to its website an announcement that it has received an Establishment Inspection Report (EIR) from the FDA for its Ohm Laboratories facility in New Brunswick, NJ. The company did not reveal what the report said, but investors took it as a signal that the plant was cleared and the company's shares were up more than 3% on the news.

UPDATED: Merck outlines new staff cuts at NJ research campus

In the Pipeline blogger Derek Lowe has spied signs of another tailoring move, noting that Merck has notified officials in New Jersey that it is terminating 113 positions in Kenilworth, where Schering-Plough's former headquarters was turned into an R&D campus back in 2011.

UPDATED: Novartis buys Dendreon New Jersey plant

Dendreon, still trying to claw its way back to financial security, has found a buyer for its Provenge manufacturing plant in New Jersey. Novartis has agreed to buy the facility for $43 million and take on 100 of its employees.

Roche's NJ shutdown spotlights state's shrinking R&D role

Roche's decision to shut down its longtime U.S. hub in Nutley, NJ, is causing some serious heartache there.

Roche move spotlights NJ's shrinking role in biopharma R&D

Roche's decision to shutter its big R&D complex in Nutley, NJ, is causing some serious heartache in the state, which has long been known as the home to a wide variety of biopharma companies.

Allergan to enlist new hires in R&D expansion

Allergan has ambitious plans to swell its ranks with the opening of a new R&D facility in the Garden State. The news comes amid a major push at Allergan to expand the use of Botox far beyond fixing facial wrinkles and to develop therapies for a variety of ailments.

Sanofi sharpening budget ax in ongoing R&D restructuring effort

The news last week that Sanofi ($SNY) is reconfiguring its U.S. R&D operations in New Jersey and Massachusetts could be a harbinger of deep cuts for its European arena. The U.K.'s Business Weekly

Pfizer's court victory puts NJ hormone suits in question

A New Jersey appellate court may have just negated more than 150 lawsuits over hormone replacement therapy. The panel ruled last week that Pfizer ($PFE) can't be sued by two women who claim that HRT

Fast-growing Novo Nordisk plans new hires as it blueprints U.S. HQ

Novo Nordisk is planning to renovate an old Merrill Lynch facility in New Jersey, making it into a new U.S. headquarters campus as it expands with hundreds of corporate and clinical development