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Merck seeking dismissal of Fosamax femur-fracture suits

Merck's already won two bellwether suits over femur fractures suffered by Fosamax patients. But is that enough to get the remaining 500 or so cases tossed out?

Judge makes rare move in Merck Fosamax litigation

Having thousands of lawsuits alleging drug dangers all in one court can make them easier to manage and potentially defend or settle. But a U.S. District Court judge has thrown Merck a curve in its Fosamax litigation, ordering hundreds of lawsuits returned to the courts from whence they came.

Merck wins bellwether Fosamax femur-fracture trial

The jury in the latest Fosamax trial has spoken, and it spoke for Merck. In a federal court in New Jersey, the panel determined that plaintiff Bernadette Glynn's broken leg wasn't caused by the bone drug Fosamax. It was the first jury verdict among the more than 3,000 lawsuits claiming Fosamax caused serious femur fractures.

Merck kept mum on Fosamax's fracture risks, trial lawyer says

A plaintiff's lawyer in the latest lawsuit claims Merck was warned about the potential for spontaneous fractures 5 years before Fosamax made its debut.

Merck hid Fosamax's links to femur fractures, lawyer says

It's Fosamax trial time again. Amid litigation over the bone drug's risks of jawbone injury, Merck is in court to fight claims that Fosamax caused patients' femur fractures. Once again, the drugmaker faces charges that it ignored the drug's safety risks, leaving patients in the dark.

Merck loses 'bellwether' Fosamax case

You win some and you lose some and this time, Merck ($MRK) lost to the tune of $285,000 when a jury said it was not up front about the risks of osteoporosis drug Fosamax.

As blockbuster drugs fade, so does TV advertising

The DTC juggernaut is weakening. As The New York Times reports, industry spending on TV ads fell by 2% in 2011, the fourth consecutive year of decline. Altogether, TV spending is down 20% from 2007...

Merck prevails in fourth Fosamax trial

Another bellwether Fosamax case is wrapped up, with another victory for Merck. A Manhattan jury found for the company ($MRK) in a case filed by Florida patient Linda Secrest, who claimed she suffered

Judge jettisons claims in bellwether Fosamax case

Merck ($MRK) has won a significant victory in the fourth Fosamax case to hit court. U.S. District Judge John Keenan tossed all but one claim against the company, leaving it to fight patient Linda

Roche keeps up DTC on Boniva while others cut

Marketing osteoporosis drugs has grown more complicated since Merck's Fosamax went off patent a couple years ago. Now that there are low-cost alternatives to branded bisphosphonate treatments,