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Latest Headlines

Beta cells produced from stem cells could treat Type 1 diabetes

Scientists from Harvard University have developed a technique that coaxes embryonic stem cells into fully functioning human insulin-producing beta cells, possibly paving the way for less invasive and more permanent treatment options for Type 1 diabetes.

New technique generates stem cells at highly efficient rate

Scientists at the New York University Langone Medical Center have developed a new technique that uses three familiar compounds, including vitamin C, to generate adult stem cells into pluripotent stem cells at a dramatically more efficient rate--more than 20-fold compared to the current method.

Human stem cells can be 'reset' to their earliest state

European and Japanese scientists have figured out how to "reset" human pluripotent stem cells, turning back the clock on cells so that they revert to their original state at the height of their development potential.

Scientists find way to expand blood stem cell production in lab

Researchers have found a molecular process that prompts blood stem cells to self-renew while retaining their stem cell-like properties, a discovery that could allow scientists to regrow enough cells in a lab for transplantation.

Japanese institute to cut back stem cell research in wake of scandal

Following controversy over irreproducible results in a paper that detailed an easy way to create embryonic-like stem cells by shocking adult cells with an acid bath, the Japanese RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology said it is scaling down its stem cell research.

Stem cell treatment strengthens leg muscles in mice

Mesenchymal stem cells may eventually be able to grow and strengthen muscles in humans, according to researchers at the University of Illinois. In mice, an injection of such stem cells helped rejuvenate skeletal muscle after exercise.

Scientists reprogram stem cells into blood cells

Investigators at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have figured out a way to genetically program stem cells into both red and white cells that make up human blood.

Technique regrows corneas in mice from adult human stem cells

Researchers have figured out a way to identify stem cells in tissue from deceased human donors and use them to regrow anatomically correct, fully functional human corneas in mice.

Chemical switch could be drug target for neurodegenerative disease

A chemical switch that controls the transformation of neural stem cells into neurons and keeps existing nerve cells in the brain alive may be a viable target for neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and autism.

ImStem therapy reverses multiple sclerosis symptoms in mice

Researchers from ImStem Biotechnology, University of Connecticut Health Center and Advanced Cell Technology have successfully treated mice with multiple sclerosis using human embryonic stem cells derived from mesenchymal stem cells, known as hES-MSCs.