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Latest Headlines

New molecule targets cancer stem cells

Liang Fang and fellow researchers in Walter Birchmeier's group at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine led a team with colleagues at the Berlin-Buch campus which discovered a molecule that interrupts biochemical signals essential for the survival of a "certain type of cancer stem cell."

EPFL team creates an industrial-scale platform for stem cells

Scientists at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne say they have developed a new technique that uses a gel consisting of growth nutrients to "squeeze" cells into more malleable stem cells.

Regenerative medicine partnerships get attention of Japanese drugmakers

Takeda Pharmaceuticals and other Japanese drugmakers are latching on to regenerative medicine and stem cell research as a future growth market and quickly developing partnerships and acquiring overseas ventures to tap the market.

China, New Zealand team up on health research program

Researchers in China and New Zealand have teamed up to develop a research program that will try to improve research initiatives "biomedicine, engineering sciences, and systems to support innovation and commercialization," according to a recent report.

UNC scientists develop a new way to prod stem cells into bone

A team led by Janet Rubin at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine recently found a novel method to push stem cells into forming bone.

Australian scientists turn skin stem cells into 'mini-kidneys'

Researchers in Australia have used stem cells from human skin to create "mini-kidneys" that could be used to test new renal drugs and possibly, just possibly, also be used to bioengineer replacement kidneys in the future.

Mitsubishi Chemical unit in stem cell play with Clio

Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings unit Life Science Institute has bought multilineage-differentiating stress-enduring (Muse) stem cell firm Clio for more than 1 billion yen ($8 million), according to a press release. Life Sciences in a Japanese language release on May 14 said Clio will become a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Regenerative push grows as Green Cross, POSCO Capital buy stake in U.S.-based Juventas

South Korea's Green Cross Holdings and POSCO Capital joined to buy a $7.5 million stake in U.S.-based Juventas Therapeutics, pushing a regenerative and biologics growth strategy that has seen recent deals in China and Russia.

Riken's new president vows more partnerships to fix scandal-hit institution

The new president of Japan's Riken research institute vowed to enter into partnerships with more businesses as part of his plan for reform of the institution hit by a scandal over its stem cell research.

China puts stem-cell clinical trial regulation in play with draft for comment

China health authorities have proposed some new regulations for conducting stem-cell clinical trials in the country, one requiring that a 30-year archive of the clinical records of stem-cell donors and patients be maintained.