Stem Cells

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Researchers replicate controversial stem cell-cloning method

Scientists report that they have replicated a method of growing stem cells from adults using cloning techniques--a discovery that could help propel patient-specific regenerative therapies for a myriad of medical conditions and diseases.

Plush 'carpets' of Silly Putty ingredient help stem cells grow

A softer, plusher environment made of a key ingredient in Silly Putty may allow embryonic stem cells to grow faster and produce more specialized cells than traditional methods of making stem cells.

Committee finds 'scientific misconduct' in blockbuster stem cell papers

An investigative committee at a leading Japanese research organization has concluded that papers detailing a potential breakthrough in creating embryonic-like stem cells contain falsification and fabrication.

Capturing leukemic stem cells may help propel new drug discovery

Researchers have identified two new chemical compounds that preserve leukemic stem cells in culture when these are grown outside the body--a major step toward developing new therapies for leukemia.

Stem cell therapy improves tendon healing in preclinical study

Pluristem Therapeutics unveiled new preclinical results for its placental-expanded cell therapy showing an early beneficial effect on tendon healing after injury.

OHSU opens new stem cell research center

Oregon Health & Science University is opening a new Center for Embryonic Cell and Gene Therapy to study experimental treatments for Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis and a range of other conditions caused by diseased or injured cells in the human body.

Stem cell therapy improves Parkinson's symptoms in monkeys

International Stem Cell Corp. is inching closer to bringing its stem cell therapy for Parkinson's to the FDA in hopes of eventually reversing the disease's symptoms in people.

Stem cell switch in neural cells could help treat neurological disorders

A protein previously known for other functions has also been found to act as a switch that decides whether an immature neural cell stays in a stem cell-like state or differentiates into a functional neuron.

New therapeutic target for multiple sclerosis could help repair damaged brain cells

A new therapeutic target involved in stimulating the growth of damaged brain cells could provide new ways to treat multiple sclerosis.

Stem cell signaling protein spurs cancer spread

In a finding that could have implications for leukemia treatment, investigators at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have linked a protein associated with an important stem cell signal to cancer growth.