Regenerative Medicine

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Latest Headlines

South Korea's GemVax Tech takes major stake in Swedish biotech NovaHep

South Korea's GemVax Technology picked up a 42% stake in Sweden-based NovaHep, a biotechnology company working on regenerative medicine in reconstructive surgery or for toxicity and biocompatibility studies, taking control of the company which has been seeking new equity since late last year.

Japan, S. Korea hospitals ink clinical pact on regenerative medicine

The operators of a pair of private hospital networks, one in Japan and the other in South Korea, signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on research into regenerative medicine, the work ranging from education activities to clinical applications.

Fujifilm Holdings goes big into stem cell manufacturing with $307 million Cellular Dynamics offer

Japan's Fujifilm Holdings will pay $307 million to buy all outstanding shares of NASDAQ-listed Cellular Dynamics International in a deal with will further expand its reach into regenerative medicine research.

Human intestinal organoids grown in mice could help personalize treatments

Researchers have grown human intestinal tissue from pluripotent stem cells and transplanted the living tissue into mice. These so-called organoids could provide a more accurate model for testing drugs designed to work on the intestines as well as help generate intestinal tissue for new treatments.

Stem cell treatment strengthens leg muscles in mice

Mesenchymal stem cells may eventually be able to grow and strengthen muscles in humans, according to researchers at the University of Illinois. In mice, an injection of such stem cells helped rejuvenate skeletal muscle after exercise.

Technique regrows corneas in mice from adult human stem cells

Researchers have figured out a way to identify stem cells in tissue from deceased human donors and use them to regrow anatomically correct, fully functional human corneas in mice.

Stem cells transplanted successfully in pigs

Scientists at the University of Missouri have successfully transplanted and grown stem cells in pigs, pointing the way to a similar method that could eventually be used in people.

Study: Heart attack stem cell treatment may offer little benefit

Despite the promise that stem cell technology has shown for regenerative medicine, heart attack patients who receive an injection of stem cells to regenerate damaged heart tissue may not actually benefit from the therapy.

Hormone could be key to reversing the aging process

By injecting mice with a signaling protein, researchers from the Harvard Stem Cell Institute were able to repair failing hearts and improve brain and skeletal muscle function in aging mice so that the animals resembled young, healthy mice.

Researchers replicate controversial stem cell-cloning method

Scientists report that they have replicated a method of growing stem cells from adults using cloning techniques--a discovery that could help propel patient-specific regenerative therapies for a myriad of medical conditions and diseases.