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Latest Headlines

Database IDs new uses for existing drugs

Researchers at the University of Colorado have developed a new database and pattern-matching algorithm that allows drug developers to evaluate drugs and drug combinations for purposes other than their FDA-approved use.

UCSF rolls out patient database to boost brain research

Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, have launched a new online database to help reduce the time and cost of conducting clinical trials for brain ailments.

NIH publishes first Alzheimer's genomics data for researchers

The National Institutes of Health said Monday that it has made available for researchers the first batch of genome sequence data from the Alzheimer's Disease Sequencing Project.

Sanofi partners with biotech to develop preclinical tech

Sanofi's U.S. arm has tapped H╬╝REL to gain access to the biotech's artificial tissues and cell-based technologies aimed at replacing animals in preclinical drug development.

Antidepressants could provide new way to treat deadly lung cancer

Using a bioinformatics method involving a computerized discovery pipeline, researchers have found a possible new treatment for a deadly kind of lung cancer from existing drugs--a little-used class of antidepressants already approved by the FDA.

$25M NIH project will set up genomic variants database for clinical use

NIH announced Wednesday that it is awarding three grants totaling more than $25 million over four years to support a national genomic sequencing database project, with the goal of advancing treatment for diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders.

Intel, Oregon Health & Science University partner on genetic profiling project

In an ambitious effort to find more personalized treatments for cancer and other complex diseases, Oregon Health & Science University in Portland and Intel are teaming up to develop new computing technologies to map an individual's genetic profile more quickly, precisely and cost-effectively.

Obama administration plans brain-mapping project

President Barack Obama is poised to launch a public-private initiative aimed at mapping the human brain, called the Brain Activity Map.

Cadre of scientists compile volumes of data on cancer cell weaknesses

So you're a researcher or doctor, trying to pick a drug that would work best targeting a specific cancer subtype. What to do? You now have "encyclopedias" of sorts with which you can look for the information.

Low-intensity electromagnetic fields shrink liver cancer tumors

Low-intensity electromagnetic fields much weaker than those produced by a mobile phone helped reduce tumor size and prolong life for a small number of patients with advanced liver cancer, an...