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Latest Headlines

Roche preps an M&A shopping list as it nears a debt-free future

With his nearly 20-year stint at Roche coming to an end, longtime Roche Chairman Franz Humer said he's leaving the drugmaker just as it gets out from under Genentech-related debt, clearing the way for some dealmaking and an R&D jump-start.

No merger talk here: Novartis just wants to be friends with Roche, chairman says

Novartis Chairman Joerg Reinhardt may be chatting with his colleagues at Roche. His company may want to work more closely with its hometown rival. But joining forces in a merger? No, thank you.

Report: VC giant Sequoia unloading $50M stake in India's GVK

Indian CRO GVK Biosciences has become a global player since Sequoia Capital first bought a stake back in 2007, and now the venture capital stalwart is looking to sell its share at more than three times the price, according to The Economic Times.

Endo ends 2013 with a sales drop, net losses and the departure of its CSO

Endo Health Solutions ended 2013 very much a company in transition. The Pennsylvania device and pharmaceutical operation experienced a fourth-quarter sales drop and sizeable net losses, but those results stemmed, in part, from the sale of one division and costs related to an M&A deal.

Covidien closes its $860M Given Imaging buyout

Given Imaging's time as an independent company has come to a close. As expected, Irish medical device giant Covidien ($COV) has closed its $860 million buyout of the Israeli company known for its endoscopic PillCam capsules.

Bayer's OTC growth march continues with pickup of China's Dihon

Bayer already has a big footprint in China, where it's been selling drugs since the 1930s. But that footprint is about to get a bit bigger. The company is set to buy out China's Dihon Pharmaceutical Group, a company that specializes in OTC drugs--making it just the kind of pickup the German drugmaker's been scouting for.

Sources: AstraZeneca made lowball bid for Forest ahead of Actavis deal

Last week, notorious proxy rebel Carl Icahn touted a victory for his activist investing strategy, taking credit for the management changes that ultimately drew Actavis as a buyer. And as it turns out, Forest Laboratories drew more than one interested buyer, with deal-hungry AstraZeneca making its own abortive pickup approach.

Mystery U.S. pharma company circles Andromeda and its PhIII diabetes drug

A couple of day ago, Israel's Andromeda Biotech bought back the worldwide rights to its Phase III diabetes therapy--DiaPep277 for Type 1 patients--from Teva for $72 million, to be paid on an installment plan based on future revenue. And today, Andromeda's parent company Clal says it's in talks with a U.S. pharma company to sell Andromeda and DiaPep277.

Thumbs up or down on megamergers? Depends on your point of view

These days, "merger of equals" is the preferred term, and some companies are on the lookout. Others, particularly R&D types who've lived through integrations they'd rather forget, decry the idea. The pro-and-con debate rages on.

Will the generics M&A surge put Teva on the takeover table? Investors think so

Murmurs that Israel's generic drug giant Teva Pharmaceuticals may be for sale reached fever pitch last week, driving its stock up nearly 10% to $48.45--its biggest advance since 2008.