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Latest Headlines

'No path forward' with Teva, Mylan pledges amid warring roadshows

Late last month, Teva kicked off a roadshow to meet shareholders of its buyout target, Mylan, and find out what price it'll need to put forth to convince them to support a deal. As Mylan starts up its own roadshow, its message is clear: It's categorically opposed to a tie-up with the Israeli drugmaker, and investors can't force one, either.

MorphoSys bags a peptide biotech for $22M

MorphoSys pulled the trigger on a deal for partner Lanthio Pharma, paying €20 million ($22 million) for the shares it didn't already own and picking up a handful of peptide candidates.

Pharma dealmaking boosts M&A to record-setting heights in Q1

No surprise that the health industry is setting records, M&A-wise. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, life sciences companies inked 35 deals worth $166.3 billion--more than all of 2014's transactions combined--in Q1.

Canadian CRO JSS buys its way into India with latest deal

Montreal-headquartered CRO JSS Medical Research is reaching into India, buying out Max Neeman International as it expands around the globe.

Gilead jumps into epigenetics with a bite-size biotech buyout

As market watchers wonder whether Gilead Sciences is on the verge of a blockbuster buyout, the Big Biotech inked a small deal that will beef up its efforts in the growing field of epigenetics.

UPDATED: Alexion scoops up a rare-disease blockbuster in $8.4B Synageva buyout

Alexion jumped into the M&A game today, striking a deal to acquire the rare-disease biotech Synageva for $8.4 billion in cash and stock in a deal that gives shareholders a big premium and the industry another example of the fast-rising valuations in the biotech world.

What's Mylan worth? For big exec bonuses, $73 per share. For Teva, lots more

Mylan may be demanding more than $100 per share from suitor Teva if it wants to talk takeover. But for itself--and its executives--its expectations aren't nearly that high.

One 'cultural difference' between Teva and Mylan? Coury's $22.5M pay wouldn't fly at Teva

Since before Teva even made its now-rejected $40 billion offer to buy Mylan, its target's exec chairman, Robert Coury, has been pretty down on the idea, citing a potential culture clash between the two companies. While Teva CEO Erez Vigodman has said he thinks they'd get along just fine, the rival drugmakers do have a few big differences between them--including their approach to executive compensation.

Gilead's 'open to suggestion' on its next big M&A splash

On pace to reap $29 billion in revenue this year thanks to its surging hepatitis C franchise, Gilead Sciences has the cash to pull off a big deal or two, and management is eyeing a slew of late-stage opportunities.

Teva CEO 'takes the high road' to rebut Mylan chairman's attack

Hold it right there, Mylan, Teva said in a Wednesday letter to that company's executive chairman. A couple days after receiving a scathing rejection to its $40 billion buyout bid, the Israeli drugmaker has a few things it wants to set straight.