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Latest Headlines

KKR-backed Panasonic Healthcare to buy Bayer diabetes device biz for as much as $2.3B

Bayer is slated to sell its diabetes devices business to Panasonic Healthcare, according to a report from Bloomberg. The move has been years in the making as Bayer works to sell off peripheral businesses to focus on its core profitable ones.

Valeant closing in on $160-per-share Salix deal: Reuters

There are reportedly at least three horses in the race to buy Salix Pharmaceuticals, but according to Reuters ' sources, serial acquirer Valeant has the lead.

Want Actavis? Prepare to pay up, CEO says

Actavis CEO Brent Saunders expects pharma's deal wave to continue. But make no mistake, he says: Potential suitors are going to have to pony up a pretty penny if they want to swallow his company.

Rumor: China's Fosun to buy Israeli laser medical device maker Lumenis for almost $500M

Chinese conglomerate Fosun Pharma is reportedly in talks to acquire minimally invasive procedure player Lumenis for $480 million. As expectations of the deal leaked, Lumenis has gained about 14% to a market cap of around $410 million.

World's second largest hearing aid maker attempting to buy French provider of hearing correction services for $191M

Denmark's William Demant, the world's second largest hearing aid maker, announced it is in talks to acquire French hearing correction provider Audika for €168 million ($191 million).

Developer of oral versions of biologic therapies to be purchased by Intrexon

Biotech player Intrexon has signed up to acquire Belgium's ActoGeniX for $60 million. The new addition is a developer of oral meds as an alternative to injectable biologics. Currently, biologic therapies cannot withstand the rigors of the acid in the stomach, so oral versions of the new-era drugs are lacking.

Pharma's top 10 M&A deals of 2014

2014 was quite the banner year for pharma M&A. According to EY's annual firepower report, deals topped $200 billion--well over twice the average volume from over the past decade.

Can Actavis deliver a promised $6B boost from this pipeline?

The big series of acquisitions that is making Actavis--now changing its name to Allergan--into a top 10 Big Pharma company overnight also bequeathed the company with an oddly disjointed pipeline of would-be blockbusters. And the company rolled it all up for public viewing today for its investors, touting its potential for spurring $6 billion in new sales.

Actavis divests its drug delivery unit as it barrels toward acquisition of Allergan

Saying it needs to focus on the looming integration effort with Botox maker Allergan, Actavis announced that it will sell Aptalis Pharmaceutical Technologies, a third-party supplier of drug delivery capsules and taste-masking formulations, back to private equity firm TPG for an undisclosed amount. The deal is expected to close in mid-2015.

Hyperion and Clal call off their lawyers after botched buyout deal

Hyperion Therapeutics, which argues it was tricked into signing a $570 million deal for an Israeli biotech, has reached a ceasefire with the seller over a diabetes drug with a checkered past.