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Latest Headlines

Roche's Ventana pairs with Genmab on yet another companion Dx deal

Roche's Ventana Medical Systems will work with Denmark's Genmab to come up with a companion diagnostic test to be paired with a targeted anticancer drug now in development.

Foundation Medicine will develop a test for Clovis' ovarian cancer drug

Foundation Medicine will develop a companion diagnostic test for use with a Clovis Oncology drug now in mid-stage clinical trials to treat patients with ovarian cancer.

French operation raises nearly $56.4M to advance molecular imaging tools

France's Advanced Accelerator Applications raised almost $56.4 million in new financing to help advance new molecular imaging-related diagnostic tools and treatments in the U.S. and around the world.

Myriad will sell breast cancer Dx from Siemens spinoff in Europe

Myriad Genetics is headed to Europe to help market a breast cancer test developed by Sividon Diagnostics, a Siemens Healthcare spinoff. With the move, Myriad is hoping to add some more diversity to its line of molecular diagnostics.

Myriad Genetics will market a breast cancer Dx made by a Siemens spinoff

Myriad Genetics will sell a breast cancer test in Europe developed by a Siemens spinoff. The co-marketing deal reflects a continued effort by the Utah molecular diagnostic company to diversify, following a U.S. Supreme Court decision that enabled rivals to challenge the market dominance of one of its signature products.

Illumina brings next-generation sequencing to Amgen companion Dx deal

Many new drugs these days are made with companion diagnostic tests in mind, and Amgen's treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer is no different. Illumina has inked a deal to develop a test that screens for patients who'd benefit most from the drug.

Illumina will concoct a companion Dx for an Amgen colon cancer drug

Illumina will develop a companion diagnostic test for Amgen's Vectibix, a drug designed to treat metastatic colorectal cancer that has U.S. and EU approval.

Dako joins with Merck to concoct cancer treatment companion Dx tests

Dako has sealed a deal with yet another Big Pharma company to develop companion diagnostic tests for potential new cancer drugs. This time, it will work with Merck, a pharmaceutical giant facing some turmoil as it revamps its struggling R&D operations.

Roche pairs Ventana breast cancer test with two more of its blockbuster drugs

Roche is pairing a companion diagnostic test already linked to its Herceptin breast cancer drug with two new blockbuster treatments also produced by the company, bringing more of its personalized medicine development strategy to fruition.

Sundance Diagnostics is linking with Max Planck Institute on a suicide-risk blood test

Colorado startup Sundance Diagnostics said it will work with Germany's famed Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry to develop and commercialize a diagnostic blood test that would gauge suicide risk for patients taking antidepressants.