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Latest Headlines

FDA's 'breakthrough' endorsement carries real weight with the public

Make no mistake. If a patient has a choice between a "breakthrough" drug and a rival therapy described in simple clinical terms, the breakthrough will win every time. That's the conclusion of a new study that tested out the impact that words like "breakthrough" and "promising" have when they're linked to a drug.

Queensland scientists use ultrasound to clear amyloid in Alzheimer's model

Up until now, most of the work focused on the amyloid beta theory on Alzheimer's has concentrated on drugs that can clear the toxic protein clusters many believe trigger brain damage and memory loss. But a team in Australia has been winning headlines around the world after demonstrating in mice that they can do the same thing with an ultrasound approach.

Canadian researchers study a new mechanism of action for cancer metastasis

During childhood, a protein called DENND2B plays a big role in spurring the migration of cells, a condition that fades as well. But now a team at the Montreal Neurological Institute says that they have discovered that the protein also appears to play a part in promoting metastasis.

MD Anderson team explores a combination approach against cancer metastasis

Researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center say they've devised a new strategy for attacking breast cancer tumors before they metastasize.

UC San Diego group zeroes in on breaking a link between obesity and diabetes

Investigators at the University of California-San Diego say they've identified a crucial link between obesity and diabetes, and now they're zeroing in on a new drug that can break it.

Singapore research team develops new strategy on inflammation cancer targeting

A research team at the National University of Singapore has published a paper on a novel strategy to prevent progression of inflammation-associated cancers.

Antibody developed by NTU-led team in Singapore tracks flu recovery

SINGAPORE-- Nanyang Technological University (NTU) researchers in Singapore working with colleagues at other local institutions have developed an antibody with the potential to help patients suffering from pneumonia and influenza to recover faster, NTU said in a news release.

Investigators electrify antibiotic R&D field with claims of a breakthrough

Antibiotic R&D fell out of favor at Big Pharma companies years ago, chilling a field that only recently has shown signs of heating up with new development projects. But a transatlantic team of investigators electrified the field this week with its claims that a new antibiotic found in dirt was a potent killer of drug-resistant bacteria. And it could represent a new class of badly needed antibiotics that just might avoid the natural resistance that begins to evolve once a new antibiotic hits the market.

Protein 'map' points way to combating chemo-resistant cancer

In an effort to better understand a certain disease-causing enzyme, British researchers have created a "map" of more than 100 proteins this enzyme is known to affect. They then identified a druglike molecule that blocks this enzyme to preserve these essential proteins.

New technique generates stem cells at highly efficient rate

Scientists at the New York University Langone Medical Center have developed a new technique that uses three familiar compounds, including vitamin C, to generate adult stem cells into pluripotent stem cells at a dramatically more efficient rate--more than 20-fold compared to the current method.