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Latest Headlines

MDxHealth's $8.8M acquisition of NovioGendix is a liquid biopsy play

MDxHealth announced that it is buying the Netherlands' NovioGendix for up to $8.8 million to get its hands on liquid biopsy technology for diagnosing prostate cancer, as interest grows in the burgeoning arena of uro-oncology.

Biocept partners with UC Irvine on liquid biopsy research

Liquid biopsy player Biocept is teaming up with the University of California, Irvine, to evaluate blood-based biomarkers (as opposed to tissue-based ones) in patients with metastatic cancers. The duo hopes to validate liquid biopsies as a treatment guide for precision medicines and develop a system for monitoring tumor mutations to identify signs of resistance to therapy.

NIH study finds blood biomarker for traumatic brain injury using sensitive analyzer

An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded that the concentration of tau protein in the bloodstream is correlated with traumatic brain injury, after assessing nearly 100 U.S. soldiers who had been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.

NIH provides $28M to study autism biomarkers via its Biomarkers Consortium

The National Institutes of Health is providing $28 million over the next four years to fund research into autism biomarkers, such as eye tracking, automated recordings of behavior and speech, and measures of brain activity via electroencephalogram under its public-private Biomarkers Consortium.

Bayer signs cardiovascular genomics alliance with Harvard, MIT

Germany's Bayer already partners with MIT and Harvard on oncology research, and now the partnership is being upgraded to include cardiovascular genomics and drug discovery. The expansion of the alliance into cardiovascular genomics will be about the search for genetic biomarkers of patient risk or suitability to particular drugs that treat cardiovascular conditions like heart disease.

Cleveland Clinic study finds ST2 biomarker can predict heart failure

At the American College of Cardiology annual meeting, researchers from the Cleveland Clinic and Duke University Medical Center determined that the level of the ST2 protein is a good predictor of adverse events and death in heart failure patients.

GE Healthcare's pathology arm to use Omnyx's software for digital analysis of specimens

GE Healthcare announced that its diagnostic laboratory company, Clarient, will soon deploy Omnyx's proprietary software, as pathology pivots away from visual diagnosis and toward quantitative computer-based tools.

Amarantus, Anavex team up for Alzheimer's biomarker Dx

Amarantus BioSciences Holdings struck a deal with Anavex Life Sciences to provide biomarker test services for the company's Alzheimer's drug candidates, a major win for Amarantus as it looks to expand the reach of its blood diagnostic test.

Israel's Pocared receives $15M in funding to commercialize bacteria-identifying computer

Israel's Pocared Diagnostics announced that it has raised $15 million in milestone-based funding as it attempts to commercialize its culture-free, computer-based diagnostic platform for bacterial identification and another for analysis of biological particles.

UPDATED: Trovagene raises $23M in follow-on share offering for urine-based cancer diagnostic

Trovagene, developer of a urine-based cancer diagnostic, announced last week plans to sell 4,444,444 shares of common stock for $20 million. The San Diego-based company makes technology for detecting cell-free DNA and RNA resulting from diseased cell death in the urine of cancer patients.