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Latest Headlines

Qiagen sees blood cancer biomarker Dx potential in University of Tokyo patents

Qiagen aims to develop new tests to target blood cancer patients who would benefit most from a particular treatment that hits a specific gene mutation. The plan could lead to new companion diagnostic tests for related drugs now under development.

Enzyme may provide new target for Alzheimer's disease

Much of Alzheimer's drug research has focused on targeting amyloid beta, a protein long thought to be toxic when it clumps together to form plaques in the brain.

AIDS 2014: Norway's Bionor produces possible biomarker to predict HIV vaccine effectiveness

Norway's Bionor Pharma and U.K. scientists claim they've identified a biomarker in some patients that may be connected with an improved response to a therapeutic HIV vaccine now under development.

Maryland researchers expand usefulness of schizophrenia biomarker found in saliva

A biomarker previously linked with schizophrenia and found in saliva seems to say more nuanced things about the disease than previously thought, based on a new study that involved computer stress tests.

Proteome Sciences, U.K. academics spot 10 Alzheimer's predictive biomarkers in blood

U.K. researchers from academia and industry say they've taken a big step forward in developing a viable Alzheimer's blood test. The advance is this: the discovery of 10 protein biomarkers in the blood that they assert can help predict the onset of the neurodegenerative disease.

UC San Diego biomarker discovery could boost brain cancer drug's success rate

Researchers in California believe they've zeroed in on biomarkers--microRNAs--that will help determine who will respond best to the treatment and help boost its success rate.

Abcodia will license access to serum biobank for cardiovascular disease biomarker work

Abcodia is throwing the doors open to its serum biobank, with plans to let researchers tap into the reservoir of patient samples for cardiovascular disease-related biomarker research.

Levels of small molecule in brain may indicate depression

A small molecule found in lower levels in the brains of people who are depressed may give scientists a better idea of how to treat patients with depression more effectively.

Provista broadens ASU cancer biomarker licensing deal

New York's Provista Diagnostics expanded a licensing deal for biomarker and autoantibody technology developed at Arizona State University--concepts first spotted at Harvard Medical School and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Five urine biomarkers may offer a new way to spot male infertility

Researchers in the U.K. and China have identified 5 biomarkers in urine whose presence could help diagnose cases of male infertility that existing tests otherwise miss.