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Latest Headlines

Flagship Biosciences and Sarepta will automate muscular dystrophy biomarker detection

Tissue-based companion diagnostics company Flagship Biosciences said it will join with Sarepta Therapeutics to automate and quicken measurement of a key biomarker for muscular dystrophy.

Protagen rolls out autoimmune disease test for research use

Germany's Protagen said it is rolling out its first diagnostic test kit for systemic sclerosis, a rheumatic disease in which autoimmune-induced inflammation, fibrosis and blood vessel disorders can harm a patient's organs and eventually cause death.

GE Healthcare vet to take on Biocept's Dx reimbursement strategy

Biocept is bringing on a veteran GE Healthcare and Quest Diagnostics executive to guide the company's insurance reimbursement and medical contract strategy.

Northern Ireland outfit advances a rapid but inexpensive heart attack test

A company based in Northern Ireland is advancing a rapid blood test to screen for a heart attack, allowing for doctors to more quickly treat affected patients. Randox Health's low-cost diagnostic has shown promise in early testing.

Four biomarkers open door to possible esophageal cancer Dx

A U.S. research team has made progress toward creating a biomarker blood test that can detect esophageal cancer on the early side, a major need in order to combat the lethal disease.

Johns Hopkins group scrutinizes possible biomarker for suicide risk

Researchers at Johns Hopkins are the latest group to take up the quest to find a biomarker that could screen for patients at high risk for suicide.

OncoCyte rolls out massive trial for bladder cancer Dx

OncoCyte is vastly expanding testing of its urine-based bladder cancer diagnostic with the launch of a multisite clinical trial involving up to 1,200 patient samples.

Biomarker blood test could help prevent neural tube birth defects

A global team of researchers believe they've developed a blood test that could prevent neural tube birth defects such as spina bifida.

Japan's Konica Minolta, New Jersey Dx outfit to develop heart attack rapid blood test

Japanese tech giant Konica Minolta sealed an agreement with a New Jersey diagnostics outfit to develop a test that can rapidly detect early cardiac muscle tissue damage after heart attacks strike.

Qiagen sees blood cancer biomarker Dx potential in University of Tokyo patents

Qiagen aims to develop new tests to target blood cancer patients who would benefit most from a particular treatment that hits a specific gene mutation. The plan could lead to new companion diagnostic tests for related drugs now under development.