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Latest Headlines

Are wearable devices for monitoring and predicting seizures around the corner?

Devices to be unveiled at the American Epilepsy Society's 69th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia offer hope for continuous patient monitoring of seizure activity in the everyday home environment and advance warning of an impending attack.

Concert Pharma spotlights a positive rat study for antiseizure drug

A year after Concert Pharmaceuticals translated its work using deuterium to amp up the efficacy and stability of drugs into an upsized $84 million IPO, the biotech says it's completed a positive animal study on a new treatment designed to prevent seizures.

Epilepsy drug boosts brain function in Alzheimer's preclinical tests

Keppra (levetiracetam) gained approval 13 years ago as a treatment for epilepsy. But just as many drugs end up having unexpected uses in other indications, Keppra could also help treat some patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease, researchers from the Gladstone Institutes in San Francisco believe.