Parkinson's disease

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Latest Headlines

Fox Foundation backs Evotec's Parkinson's project

The Michael J. Fox Foundation awarded a grant to Evotec to support the company's work in Parkinson's disease, bankrolling a project meant to clear the way for new therapies.

Acorda bags PhIII Parkinson's drug in $363M Biotie buyout

Acorda Therapeutics has swooped in to buy Finland's Biotie for $363 million in cash, snagging a Phase III Parkinson's drug that is being lined up to follow its leading experimental drugs into the neurology market.

BU group spotlights a lethal cascade that leads to Parkinson's

Investigators at Boston University School of Medicine have spotlighted the cascade of events that contributes to neuronal death in idiopathic Parkinson's disease. And they're hoping that their insights can be used as a springboard to the discovery of new drugs for the fatal and perplexing disease.

Michael J. Fox Foundation and Cynapsus team for wearable device study for Parkinson's

Cynapsus Therapeutics is teaming up with The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research to incorporate wearable technology and patient-generated data into a study of its under-the-tongue treatment for Parkinson's, building on a previous relationship to glean new insights about the disease.

Impax earns permission to sell its FDA-approved modified-release Parkinson's med in Europe

Impax Pharma announced that the European Commission has approved its modified-release combination of carbidopa and levodopa to treat Parkinson's disease, dubbed Numient. Hayward, CA's Impax already sells the drug in the U.S. as Rytary.

Fruit flies may provide a biomarker for early-onset Parkinson's

After studying the visual responses of fruit flies with different types of Parkinson's disease, biologists at the University of York believe they may be on to a new biomarker that could be used to detect the early-onset form of the disease.

NeuroDerm stock yo-yos after FDA meeting yields mixed results

NeuroDerm has received written confirmation from the FDA that it can file for approval of its Parkinson's disease treatment on the strength of data from one clinical trial, freeing it of the need to run a second, 360-person study. But with the FDA also demanding additional GMP documents from NeuroDerm's device supplier, investors were unsure whether the update was good or bad news.

'Screen door' through blood-brain barrier gives Parkinson's drugs a way in

To treat many neurological diseases, drugs must first pass the blood-brain barrier. But that barrier has formed around the brain to block dangerous substances and, in turn, it thwarts about 98% of drugs, according to a group of Boston scientists. That team has since developed a technique to make crossing the blood-brain barrier less of a hindrance.

Georgetown researchers flag success of pilot Parkinson's drug study

A leukemia drug already in use could prove effective in treating Parkinson's disease, according to a tiny, single-arm study involving Novartis' Tasigna (nilotinib).

King's College team IDs a gene target for Parkinson's

Researchers at King's College London have unraveled a new gene associated with nerve function, a discovery that could eventually lead to treatment of those with neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's.