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Latest Headlines

Exact Sciences joins forces with MD Anderson for lung cancer Dx development

Exact Sciences is teaming up with the MD Anderson Cancer Center to develop a blood-based diagnostics for lung cancer, looking to expand its offerings past its innovative colorectal cancer screening test and gain some ground in a rapidly growing market.

MD Anderson Cancer Center partners to start breast cancer pilot project using Apple Watch

The MD Anderson Cancer Center at Cooper has partnered with behavioral health technology player Polaris Health Directions to start a pilot test using the Apple Watch that integrates patient behavioral data into electronic health records and population health data.

MD Anderson team explores a combination approach against cancer metastasis

Researchers at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center say they've devised a new strategy for attacking breast cancer tumors before they metastasize.

Fed-up MD Anderson oncologist jumps on social media to fight drug prices

Flush with success in negotiating discounts for hepatitis C drugs, payers are promising to strong-arm drugmakers in other treatment classes, too--cholesterol and cancer, for instance. They'll have more than one oncologist on their sides: A top doctor at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, fed up with cancer drug prices, plans a social media protest.

Amgen teams with MD Anderson on new BiTE programs for MDS

Fast on the heels of the FDA's approval of Blincyto (blinatumomab), Amgen's new leukemia fighter that uses a bispecific T cell engager system to flag cancer cells for the immune system to destroy, the Big Biotech has partnered up with MD Anderson in Texas on a new program aimed at identifying targets for this technology in myelodysplastic syndrome.

Researchers zero in on biomarker for early diagnosis of ovarian cancer

Investigators say that a biomarker in the blood--carbohydrate antigen 125, or CA125--offers a shot at a relatively low-cost approach to identifying ovarian cancer  at an early stage, while the chances of survival are much higher.

Docs call drugmakers 'profiteers' for costs of cancer meds

Sanofi is not very popular among its peers today. Its decision last year to halve the cost of its colon cancer drug Zaltrap in the face of high-profile criticism has inspired more than a 100 top docs from around the world to protest the astronomical costs of cancer drugs, calling the prices immoral and tagging drugmakers as profiteers.

Biomarker for liver problems also predicts lung cancer likelihood

Call it biomarker repurposing. Researchers have identified a compound produced by the body that can flag smokers at increased risk for lung cancer--a substance long used to gauge liver function.

Add a drop of blood, and this tiny Dx device tests 50 things at once

Researchers in Texas have come up with a device that's essentially an adaptable diagnostic tool. How so? It can measure 50 different things at once from a single blood drop.

Preclinical data snags GlaxoSmithKline's attention in $335M cancer immunotherapy deal

Preclinical research into cancer immunotherapy at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center has caught the attention GlaxoSmithKline. This has resulted in the signing of a research collaboration and licensing agreement that could be worth $335 million in upfront, milestone and royalty payments.