Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Illumina soars 32% in Q4 with sales of next-gen sequencing system

Illumina boosted its revenue 32% in 2014, riding high off the continued success of its next-generation sequencing systems and ramping up expectations for the coming year.

10X Genomics exits stealth mode with $80M, plan to improve Illumina tech

10X Genomics has exited stealth mode with $80 million in VC funding and a plan to solve a significant sequencing problem without going head to head with Illumina. The Pleasanton, CA-based startup is set to unveil an add-on for Illumina sequencers that improves their ability to map long reads of DNA.

What's next for next-gen sequencing? Everything.

SAN FRANCISCO--More than a few presentations at the JP Morgan Healthcare conference this week sought to address the future of next-generation sequencing, particularly with the huge waves of related news.

Illumina blazes into 2015 with plans for new California campus

Illumina has been on a diagnostics roll as of late, inking deals and posting promising numbers for its next-generation sequencing technology. Now, the company is poised for more growth in the coming year with plans for a new California facility.

NHS England picks 100,000 Genomes Project sites ahead of February start date

NHS England has selected the 11 centers that will form the backbone of the 100,000 Genomes Project. Each of the centers will begin recruiting patients with cancer and rare diseases on Feb. 2 and send the samples they gather to Illumina for sequencing and analysis.

Illumina teams with Australian outfit to offer prenatal testing

Illumina is collaborating with Australia's Victorian Clinical Genetics Services, a subsidiary of Murdoch Childrens Research Institute that provides genetic testing services. The organization wants to use the San Diego company's technology to roll out a prenatal testing service.

Illumina and Sequenom lay prenatal diagnostic patent feud to rest

Illumina and Sequenom settled the score in the companies' ongoing patent feud, agreeing to resolve all pending infringement claims and pool their resources to further develop noninvasive prenatal tests.

Illumina and bioMérieux to develop innovative sequencing system for infectious diseases

As the diagnostics industry explores innovative ways to monitor and contain bacterial infections, Illumina is joining forces with French diagnostic outfit bioMérieux to develop a next-generation sequencing system that can identify infectious bacteria in service labs and hospitals.

Illumina teams up with Broad Institute, USAID for Ebola tracking

Illumina is lending a hand to Ebola diagnostic efforts, teaming up with U.S. government officials and researchers at the Broad Institute to help scientists in West Africa track the virus and develop new tools to prevent its spread.

Illumina lends sequencing tech to Broad Institute, USAID for Ebola tracking efforts

Amid growing efforts to quell the deadly Ebola outbreak, diagnostic giant Illumina is teaming up with U.S. government officials and Broad Institute researchers to help scientists in West Africa track the virus in real time and develop new tools to prevent its spread.