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Latest Headlines

Sequenom scores a blow against Illumina in prenatal Dx patent fight

Sequenom scored against Illumina's Verinata Health in a ruling at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office involving noninvasive prenatal genetic diagnostic tech. Wasting no time, executives plan to use that decision as a weapon in an ongoing legal battle between the two California companies.

Illumina CEO sees bioinformatics as key to completing sequencing puzzle

The expansion of whole-genome sequencing into clinical care has intensified discussions about the limitations of the technology. Illumina CEO Jay Flatley this week acknowledged sequencing still has some weaknesses and identified what he sees as the solution--improved bioinformatics.

Illumina likely to start charging for BaseSpace storage and processing in 2014

Illumina released a pricing structure for its BaseSpace genomics cloud platform back in July 2012 but decided to hold off on actually charging users for the service. Since then, BaseSpace's user base has swelled to more than 12,000 people, with 2,000 of them logging on each week. Now the sequencing giant is readying to activate its payment model.

WuXi deepens its genomics might with Illumina, Pacific Biomarkers deals

Fresh off scoring U.S. certification for its genomics lab, China's WuXi PharmaTech is amping up its lab testing services, buying into Illumina's $1,000 genome technology and teaming up with Pacific Biomarkers to broaden its assay menu.

Illumina backs Venter's plan to create world's largest human genome sequencing center

The company J. Craig Venter founded in 1998 to challenge the Human Genome Project ran a data center with 70 terabytes of storage. Venter's latest scheme--creating the world's largest sequencing center--will fill that in less than one week.

Illumina's prenatal blood test shows standout results in NEJM

Noninvasive prenatal blood tests are making a market splash--and Illumina's diagnostic might surpass the competition: A new study found that the company's innovative test for Down syndrome and other genetic abnormalities outperforms current screening methods, and reduces false-positive results when compared with traditional testing.

NEJM study scores Illumina prenatal test high for reducing false positives

In 2013, at least four companies debuted new, cutting-edge prenatal blood tests for Down syndrome and other genetic abnormalities. One--Illumina--takes a step ahead of the pack with a new study that shows its offering drastically slashes the false-positive rate for fetal chromosomal abnormalities versus current test standards.

U.S. team taps supercomputer to accelerate genome data analysis

As the cost of sequencing a whole human genome has edged downward toward the fabled $1,000 mark, some observers have become increasingly concerned about how much time and money it will take to analyze the data. To clear the potential bottleneck, U.S. researchers have applied a supercomputer to the task.

Illumina and Yuri Milner will back a genomics startup incubator in San Francisco

Illumina is throwing its cachet and its $1,000 genome sequencing system behind a San Francisco genomics startup incubator backed by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner.

Illumina takes a leaf out of the tech playbook with its genomics startup accelerator

Tech startup incubator Y Combinator has a reputation as a spawning ground for major companies, with Dropbox and Airbnb among those passing through its program. Yuri Milner played a role in the accelerator in recent years, but reduced his commitment in December. Now, he has revealed that some of the cash and time this freed up will go into running a genomics incubator with Illumina.