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Latest Headlines

Illumina unveils plans for new European HQ and science center

Illumina is laying out plans for expansion, signing a 20-year lease on a 155,000-square-foot facility in Cambridge, England.

Genomics giant Illumina blueprints new Euro HQ/science center in Cambridge, UK

The gene-sequencing pioneers at Illumina are planning to build a major new science center and European headquarters in the U.K.'s growing biotech hub in Cambridge. Illumina signed a lease on a 155,000-square-foot facility, designed to grow another 70,000 square feet as needed for future expansion.

Merck KGaA partner Genea gets CE mark for a pair of IVF technologies

Genea Biomedx partnered its three fertility products in development with Merck KGaA last month. Now it's won a CE mark for two of them: the Gavi automated vitrification instrument and the Geri benchtop incubator.

Twist on IT hiring spree as Illumina backs $37M fundraising round

Twist Bioscience is set to grow its headcount by 50% after it raised $37 million from Illumina and other investors to move its DNA synthesis technology toward commercialization. And IT hires feature heavily in the startup's plans, with half of the current job openings relating to bioinformatics, Python databases and other niches in the field.

Illumina teams up with Chinese genomics firm for noninvasive prenatal test development

Illumina and Chinese genomics company Annoroad are joining forces to develop noninvasive prenatal screening tools based on next-generation sequencing technology, a potentially fruitful collaboration as Illumina looks to gain ground in emerging markets and strengthen its foothold in a saturated prenatal testing field.

Illumina helps add a $37M Twist on DNA synthesis

San Francisco-based Twist Bioscience has added a $37 million C round to ramp up commercialization efforts for a new tech platform that synthesizes DNA on silicon, promising to spark an industrial-scale shift that will dwarf the traditional approach to R&D that has long been in use.

Illumina slaps Roche's Ariosa with a prenatal testing IP suit

San Diego's Illumina announced that it is filing a patent infringement suit against Roche's Ariosa Diagnostics and its microarray-based Harmony Prenatal Test. The gene sequencing company accuses Ariosa of violating its '794 patent, called "Multiplex Nucleic Acid Reactions."

Illumina hits U.K. company with prenatal test patent suit

Illumina slapped U.K. molecular diagnostics outfit Premaitha Health with a patent infringement suit over noninvasive prenatal testing technology, months after the company settled the score with archrival Sequenom over patents for competing prenatal tests.

Merck Serono, Illumina partner in the latest universal next-gen cancer diagnostic deal

Cancer diagnostics has long been defined by the aim of providing "personalized" and "precision" medicine to patients. But now the buzzword of the moment seems to be trending more toward "universal"--as the industry strives for an all-encompassing test that will mete out the best possible individual treatment protocols based on genomic data.

Illumina Accelerator gets $40M boost from Viking Global

Illumina's new business accelerator, Illumina Accelerator Boost Capital, got a $40 million cash infusion from hedge fund Viking Global Investors. Illumina Accelerator will use the cash to fund investments in promising genomic startups, spurring innovation and providing dollar-for-dollar matching funds for every graduate company that raises between $1 million and $5 million during the funding cycle.