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Latest Headlines

After a string of gene therapy licensing deals, ReGenX says it's time to shine

ReGenX Biosciences is one of the most intriguing gene therapy biotechs you never heard of. And now the executive team in charge intends to start changing that.

Gene editing method kills cervical cancer cells

Using a gene-editing method, investigators were able to delete certain genes in the human papillomavirus, prompting cancer-causing cells to self-destruct. The antiviral technique could be replicated to target other DNA-based viruses like hepatitis B and herpes simplex, researchers say.

UniQure bets on a gene therapy for heart failure

After making international headlines with the West's first approval for a gene therapy, pioneering biotech uniQure is working to flesh out its pipeline of one-time treatments, buying into an early-stage shot at heart failure that could put its technology on the biggest stage yet.

Heart pump implant combined with gene therapy in new trial

Celladon has announced the beginning of a trial it hopes will determine the feasibility of using MYDICAR in heart failure patients using left ventricular assist devices.

Gene therapy biotech Avalanche banks $102M in an up-sized IPO

Menlo Park, CA's Avalanche Biotechnologies pulled off a $102 million Wall Street debut, planning to spend its new cash on a pipeline of gene therapies for ocular diseases.

Bluebird's gene therapy 2.0 weans beta-thalassemia patients off blood transfusions

Gene therapy 2.0 at bluebird bio is demonstrating some early signs of success with an upgrade to its experimental therapy for the genetic blood disorder beta-thalassemia demonstrating promising results in a pair of patients, weaning them off the regular blood transfusions needed to stay alive.

Gene therapy upstart bags a $22M A round for neurodegenerative work

You can add another upstart to the swelling list of gene therapy biotechs hitting the industry radar around the world. Sofinnova stepped in to lead the $22 million A round for Paris-based Lysogene, which is already in the clinic with a new therapy for rare cases of Sanfilippo syndrome, with plans to branch out into other neurodegenerative conditions.

Startup AAVLife sets sights on ataxia with $12M and a novel gene therapy

Parisian biotech AAVLife has come out of stealth with a Versant Ventures-led $12 million A round, looking to advance a gene-deleting therapy that promises to treat the rare and deadly Friedreich's ataxia.

Baxter snaps up its hemophilia partner on the verge of a biotech breakup

Baxter is buying out collaborator Chatham Therapeutics for $70 million, planning to absorb the gene therapy specialist into its growing hemophilia R&D operation as it prepares to separate its drug and device businesses next year.

UPDATED: Baxter breaks in two, creating a $6B biotech business

Baxter International is the latest life sciences player to see better living through mitosis, unveiling a plan to separate its drug development arm from its sprawling med tech business in hopes of helping each grow faster.