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Scripps scientists say new biomarker for various cancers might be more useful

Another newly discovered biomarker is now under consideration as a tool to help evaluate and treat disease. When the body expresses it, it appears to be tied to better survival chances in both non-small cell lung cancer and head and neck cancer.

Roche's Ventana pairs with Genmab on yet another companion Dx deal

Roche's Ventana Medical Systems will work with Denmark's Genmab to come up with a companion diagnostic test to be paired with a targeted anticancer drug now in development.

Foundation Medicine will develop a test for Clovis' ovarian cancer drug

Foundation Medicine will develop a companion diagnostic test for use with a Clovis Oncology drug now in mid-stage clinical trials to treat patients with ovarian cancer.

Maryland Dx startup raises $2.8M to advance cancer genome analysis tech

Maryland's Personal Genome Diagnostics raised $2.8 million to help advance development of its cancer genome analysis technology. Separately, the company is launching its new METDetect Assay that helps spot alterations in the MET gene in circulating tumor DNA directly from a patient's blood.

Finding: 2 biomarkers for head and neck cancer can help predict radiation therapy resistance

International researchers led by Michigan's Beaumont Health System discovered two biomarkers that helped predict resistance to radiation therapy for patient's with squamous cell cancer of the head and neck.

CTC levels could provide a prostate cancer survival clue

New research supports the use of a circulating tumor cell blood test, rather than the standard PSA biomarker diagnostic, to predict a patient's odds of surviving prostate cancer.

For 2014, Trovagene plots multiple ways to expand the reach of its Dx cancer tech

Trovagene made real progress in 2013, launching its urine-based cancer test and expanding or forging collaboration deals with research facilities and diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies. But financial results for the year remained a mixed bag.

Analysts applaud as Bristol-Myers preps a PhIII study for PD-1 cancer combo

The last 24 hours offered an important lesson over just how closely analysts and investors are tracking every movement on the immunotherapy front in cancer R&D.

Biodesix's CE mark triggers wider access for its personalized lung cancer treatment Dx

Biodesix scored itself a CE mark that will help expand access to its personalized lung cancer treatment test, a big milestone in the Colorado outfit's push to bring the product into more widespread use.

Merck scuttles a $700M-plus Ariad deal and hands back a once-vaunted cancer drug

Back in 2010, Ariad Pharmaceuticals' ridaforolimus was a promising cancer therapy worth up to $700 million in the eyes of Merck. Now, in light of an FDA rejection and some dimming development prospects, Merck has quietly washed its hands of the drug, handing it back to its former partner.