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Latest Headlines

Swiss researchers find cancer metastasis master switch

Swiss researchers may have discovered a master switch for cancer metastasis, a process that forms secondary tumors and is the leading cause of death among cancer patients.

Cancer Research UK, Abcodia to develop blood Dx attuned to early-stage cancers

Cancer Research UK, by way of its commercial division known as Cancer Research Technology, will collaborate with Abcodia on new blood tests designed to spot cancers at very early stages.

Gene points way to noninvasive colon cancer blood test

Early detection boosts colon cancer survival rates. The Yonsei University College of Medicine in Seoul, South Korea, and Genomictree believe they can accomplish this goal, thanks to a noninvasive biomarker blood test that appears to be highly accurate based on initial clinical work.

ASCO confab highlights immunotherapies, 'breakthrough' drugs and small victories

CHICAGO--The showdown between Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY) and Merck ($MRK) over a new PD-1 approach to spurring an immune response to cancer didn't disappoint.

New CTC technology looks promising to track evolution of prostate cancer

Researchers in California say they believe circulating tumor cells, captured and analyzed by new technology, could function as a 'liquid biopsy." If further studies confirm the effectiveness of the NanoVelcro Chip, prostate cancer could be more easily tracked over time to provide personalized treatments.

Swedish team discovers protein common to aggressive bladder cancer

Swedish researchers believe that screening for the biomarker, perhaps with a simple urine test, could allow for more targeted treatment at an earlier enough stage to give patients a fighting chance, or at least indentify realistic options.

Analysts tap the next big thing in biopharma R&D

Just a year or two ago, analysts and investors were in a frenzy over the frantic race to develop a new set of hepatitis C drugs that promised to change the standard of care. Now, as the leaders in that race approach the first round of likely marketing approvals, a new R&D competition has grabbed analysts' feverish attention as the next big thing in biopharma. And the leading players in this field may once again be betting on a mega-blockbuster payoff.

Pancreatitis or cancer? Mayo Clinic says mutated gene points the way

Diagnosing the difference between pancreatic cancer and chronic pancreatitis is difficult because both conditions produce similar symptoms such as inflammation. But Mayo Clinic scientists say they've discovered a biomarker that will help make the job much easier down the line.

Researchers pinpoint protein involved in cancer cell death

MIT researchers may have discovered a key protein involved in cell death--one that could help kill remaining cancer cells after chemotherapy.

Bristol-Myers edges ahead in race to develop first blockbuster PD-1 cancer drug

Bristol-Myers Squibb has emerged, at least temporarily, as the leader in a race to develop the first new PD-1 drug to fight cancer.