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Latest Headlines

Investigators find a way to keep stem cells' options open until they're needed

Knowing how to preserve human embryonic stem cells in their pluripotent state until they are needed will help scientists better harness these cells for use in a variety of therapies. Now researchers have identified a gene receptor and signaling pathway that plays an essential role in preserving hESCs in an undifferentiated state.

Ovarian cancer biomarker could predict treatment response and help prevent metastasis

A newly discovered biomarker may help identify patients who will respond best to treatment as well as present a target for new drugs to help prevent metastasis, according to research published in Nature Communications.

$25M Series B helps Blueprint Medicines pursue individualized cancer therapies

Blueprint Medicines has completed a $25 million round of Series B financing to pursue its patient-focused vision of developing tailored, genomic-specific cancer treatments.

Kindstar partners with Israeli BioView to bring lung cancer Dx to Asia

Lung cancer spreads quickly, which helps it claim more lives each year than any other cancer worldwide and makes early detection key. Now, two companies have teamed up to bring a diagnostic test to some of the countries that need it most.

J&J Innovation launches a discovery pact with fledgling upstart Scholar Rock

Johnson & Johnson's global hunt for new technologies has led it to a fledgling biotech working on a new approach to triggering an immune system attack, as well as stopping one.

AstraZeneca teams with one of the hottest biotechs working on immunotherapies

Immunocore's list of collaborators is beginning to look like a Who's Who in Big Pharma. Today the biotech--which is developing T cell immunotherapy technology originally spun out of Oxford--added a deal-hungry AstraZeneca and its biologics team at MedImmune as its latest partner, which will now join Genentech and GlaxoSmithKline in exploring whether the biotech has really found a powerful new approach to engineering an immune system attack on cancer cells.

Metabolon names two new investors in its $15M Series E

In its new, $15 million round of late-stage financing, metabolomics-focused Metabolon has added Camden Partners and Sumitomo to its list of investors.

Biomarker points to aggressive breast cancer in black women

African-American women who have high levels of a particular protein may be at risk for more aggressive breast cancer and poorer outcomes, according to new research from a Georgia State University study.

In China, lung cancer biomarker testing is on the rise

Biomarker testing can play in an important role in detecting cancer early and choosing the correct course of treatment, and it can be critical in dealing with deadly, fast-spreading diseases like lung cancer. China has keyed into its utility, with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) biomarker testing already prevalent throughout the country, a new report says.

New tech promises to speed up biomarker validation

Researchers often struggle to validate their cancer biomarker findings due to a lack of reproducible methods to measure predictive proteins. Now, investigators believe they've discovered a way to measure the entire human repertoire of proteins.