Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Two French and U.K. Dx companies plan to merge

Cambridge, U.K.-based Lab21, which focuses on personalized medicine and clinical diagnostics, plans to become a subsidiary of Paris-based Novacyt, which makes cytology diagnostic tests and tools for various cancers.

FDA OK's Qiagen companion Dx for use with Amgen colon cancer drug

Qiagen gained FDA approval for a companion diagnostic test that will help spot patients with metastatic colorectal cancer who might benefit most from Amgen's drug Vectibix. The regulatory milestone represents another advance in the Dutch company's growing focus on personalized medicine.

Texas team zeroes in on biomarker panel with earlier pancreatic cancer diagnosis in mind

Are you healthy? Do you have pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis or pancreatic cysts? In early testing, Texas researchers successfully used four blood biomarkers that aided in early-stage diagnosis to help tell the difference.

German researchers tie CTC presence to breast cancer survival odds

Evidence is mounting that circulating tumor cells in the bloodstream, also known as CTCs, are a viable cancer biomarker tool. A team in Germany produced new evidence that their presence, or absence, may be an effective way to measure the survival chance of patients with early breast cancer.

What we learned from the big ASCO cancer drug data dump

Wednesday night's big round of ASCO news highlighted a few key memes with major implications for cancer drug development and everyone who works in the field. Overall, there were no big surprises in the news. And that's news in itself.

Counsyl, armed with $28M, begins big rollout of BRCA and other predictive genetic tests

California genetic testing startup Counsyl is launching BRCA and other predictive diagnostic tests. Crucially, $28 million in new Series D Financing will help kick all of this into high gear.

Ohio team touts promise of esophageal cancer biomarker and noninvasive screening test

A team of Ohio researchers has affirmed the viability of a new biomarker that could enable earlier diagnosis of esophageal cancer, along with a noninvasive test that screens for it.

Biocept's new pharma industry cancer biomarker service sparks Nasdaq gains

Biocept Laboratories' modest debut on the public markets in early February preceded a stock decline of more than 50% over the last few months. The week of April 28, however, Biocept's stock climbed more than 21% through Thursday after execs disclosed a promising new biomarker development service targeted to pharmaceutical companies.

Veracyte seals deal that opens Brazil market for its thyroid cancer Dx tech

Veracyte scored a major partnership deal with a large medical/diagnostic center that will help expand the reach of its signature thyroid cancer diagnostic technology throughout Brazil.

A certain protein marks tumors that will resist Astellas' prostate cancer drug Xtandi

As Astellas Pharma and Medivation work to broaden the reach of their prostate cancer drug Xtandi, researchers have identified a biomarker that could help proactively spot patients for whom the treatment will not work.