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Latest Headlines

Analysts applaud as Bristol-Myers preps a PhIII study for PD-1 cancer combo

The last 24 hours offered an important lesson over just how closely analysts and investors are tracking every movement on the immunotherapy front in cancer R&D.

Biodesix's CE mark triggers wider access for its personalized lung cancer treatment Dx

Biodesix scored itself a CE mark that will help expand access to its personalized lung cancer treatment test, a big milestone in the Colorado outfit's push to bring the product into more widespread use.

Merck scuttles a $700M-plus Ariad deal and hands back a once-vaunted cancer drug

Back in 2010, Ariad Pharmaceuticals' ridaforolimus was a promising cancer therapy worth up to $700 million in the eyes of Merck. Now, in light of an FDA rejection and some dimming development prospects, Merck has quietly washed its hands of the drug, handing it back to its former partner.

Tumor DNA can serve as noninvasive biomarker to stage and help treat cancer

A Johns Hopkins team believes that cell-free circulating tumor DNA can serve as a noninvasive biomarker to help determine a number of things about cancer in the body and aid in its treatment.

A massive review reaffirms fecal test's place in colon cancer Dx

Scientists continue to push for the development of a more precise, sensitive and cleaner colorectal cancer diagnostic. Now a research team has determined that a simple, at-home test already on the market is highly accurate.

Role of adaptor protein could point the way for new diabetes, cancer treatments

A protein known to be part of a complex communications network within the cell has also been found to be associated with important processes involved in cancer and diabetes.

Myriad and Gene By Gene resolve their differences over BRCA cancer Dx tests

Myriad Genetics and rival Gene By Gene put to rest their patent infringement fight over BRCA gene testing, though Myriad is continuing to battle other competitors over the same issue.

Exact will make its case on March 27 for FDA approval of a colon cancer Dx

Exact Sciences goes before an FDA panel of experts on March 27 to argue for approval of its new stool-based colorectal cancer diagnostic. But it may not be an easy sell.

NeoGenomics' 22 cancer tests hit the market

Florida's NeoGenomics has rolled out a number of new diagnostic tests that profile 22 different categories of cancer, including brain, lung, breast, cervix, colorectal, stomach, ovary, soft tissue, thyroid and various types of leukemia tumors.

MDxHealth teams up with Teva to distribute its prostate, brain cancer tests

Belgium's MDxHealth has partnered with generics maker Teva Pharmaceuticals to commercialize its ConfirmMDx for prostate cancer and PredictMDx for glioblastoma tests in Israel.