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Latest Headlines

Bristol-Myers taps Oncodesign to serve up targets for new cancer drugs

Bristol-Myers Squibb recruited French biotech Oncodesign to help it find new ways of attacking tumors, signing an early-stage agreement in hopes of spotlighting some promising projects.

UPDATED: AstraZeneca looks to bag an Imbruvica rival as it hunts Acerta buyout

Four days after Acerta Pharma quietly posted some promising early-stage data on its Bruton's tyrosine kinase inhibitor acalabrutinib, AstraZeneca has popped up as a potential buyer. Dow Jones reported Friday afternoon that the pharma giant is well down the road in talks to buy Acerta for more than $5 billion, potentially landing another cancer drug for its growing oncology pipeline.

Roche allies with cell engineering startup SQZ on $500M+ immuno-oncology pact

Roche cancer drug investigators have allied themselves with SQZ Biotech in Cambridge, MA, to see if the fledgling startup company with a grand design to execute on a fresh approach to cell engineering can deliver on the sizzling-hot immuno-oncology front.

Novartis keeps its CAR-T lead with positive Phase II data

Novartis, leading a pack of companies developing genetically engineered T cells to fight cancer, unveiled more promising data on its Phase II treatment as it wends toward an FDA filing.

XBiotech flubs a Phase III trial with its lead cancer drug

Texas upstart XBiotech made a string of embarrassing mistakes in a Phase III trial on its lead cancer therapy, misdosing some patients and failing to adequately test others on the way to a staggering mishap.

Peptide shells provide a targeted cancer drug delivery system

Scientists coated nanospheres of paclitaxel with a peptide shell that stays intact as it travels through the circulatory system and is then split open by enzymes known to spur metastasis. The drug can then be directed straight to cancer cells at 16 times the regular dose, halting tumor growth.

Takeda hands in its Velcade successor with blockbuster ambitions

Japanese drugmaker Takeda is angling to win FDA approval for its lead cancer asset, an oral treatment for blood malignancies that is key to the company's future in oncology.

Agios' top cancer drug notches more remissions on the way to Phase III

Agios Pharmaceuticals' lead cancer drug extended its streak of promising clinical results, racking up remissions in an expanded Phase I trial as the company prepares for late-stage testing.

Winship research team flags potential of a new lung cancer therapy

Investigators at the Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University say they've found a new molecule that appeared to do better than an inhibitor in preclinical in vivo testing.

Bayer hits the gas on its top cancer prospect with Phase III in sight

Bayer is plotting a pair of Phase III trials for its lead oncology treatment, hoping to crack the crowded field of new blood cancer drugs with a targeted therapy of its own.