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Latest Headlines

Cancer stem cells responsible for treatment resistance, cancer relapse

Many drugs used to treat lung, breast and pancreatic cancers also promote drug resistance and can ultimately spur tumor growth. Now, researchers may be able to predict which individual tumors will metastasize and spread when treated with certain drugs.

FDA lifts its hold on Juno's cutting-edge cancer drug after deaths trigger delay

The FDA has lifted a clinical hold placed on a study at Memorial Sloan-Kettering of Juno Therapeutics' cutting-edge approach to treating cancer using genetically tailored T cells, FierceBiotech has learned.

Little Deciphera raises its cancer R&D flag in Boston's bustling biotech hub

It's not often you find a little biotech company plugging away at new cancer drugs in out-of-the-way places like Lawrence, KS. But that's just what Deciphera Pharmaceuticals has been doing.

Merck scuttles a $700M-plus Ariad deal and hands back a once-vaunted cancer drug

Back in 2010, Ariad Pharmaceuticals' ridaforolimus was a promising cancer therapy worth up to $700 million in the eyes of Merck. Now, in light of an FDA rejection and some dimming development prospects, Merck has quietly washed its hands of the drug, handing it back to its former partner.

Servier stages an entry into high-stakes CAR-T showdown with Novartis

The French biotech announced this morning that it will collaborate with Paris-based Cellectis on UCART19, an engineered T cell with a chimeric antigen receptor for leukemia and lymphomas, as well as 5 other such programs. Servier is paying Cellectis $10 million down and up to $140 million per program in milestones in its gamble on the biotech's approach.

Study: Heated chemo-delivering nanoparticles kill 95% of ovarian cancer cells

A new study out of Oregon State University has shown that a combination of mild heat and nanoparticle-delivered chemotherapy can have a whopping effect on ovarian cancer cells that have otherwise built up a resistance to cancer drugs.

Bayer hits the R&D accelerator on late-stage contenders in cancer, cardio

Over the past two years Bayer has snagged an impressive string of key approvals for cancer and cardiovascular drugs--a much better record than many of its larger Big Pharma rivals. And today the pharma player is rolling out i­­­­­ts slate of the next top drug prospects being groomed for late-stage pipeline work.

Cancer immunotherapies turn a corner in race to megablockbuster market

Almost lost in the din surrounding Merck's big about-face on the restructuring front yesterday, the pharma giant quietly posted some more promising early-stage data on what has become its brightest pipeline prospect: the cancer immunotherapy MK-3475.

ArQule rises on renewed hope for twice-damned tivantinib

ArQule watched its shares scrape the bottom last fall when it pulled the plug on a late-stage lung cancer drug, but rumors that the Woburn, MA, company is primed to release data that could revive tivantinib sent its stock price up as much as 19% on Friday.

New technique found to make anticancer drugs more effective

A new method investigated by scientists at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, CA, may pave the way for more effective chemotherapy drugs. Researchers have modified vinblastine, one of the most successful chemotherapy drugs of the past few decades, to make it more potent.