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Cubist exec: Challenges mount in antibiotics discovery

Big Pharma has largely exited the antibiotics arena in the past several years, contributing to the dearth of products in the global pipeline as rising antimicrobial resistance becomes a very real public health threat.

Janssen rethinks drug discovery in a changing R&D environment

For William Strohl, the new head of Janssen's Biotechnology Center of Excellence, the future of drug R&D involves novel targets, "fit-for-purpose" antibodies and lots of collaborations.

Top 15 NIH-funded disease areas

In 2008, the U.S. National Institutes of Health began releasing to the public how much the agency spends in various research categories. I decided to pick out the top-funded disease areas to get a sense of what disorders and diseases the U.S. government is prioritizing.

Biochips, bioprinting offer alternative drug testing options

New technology like organs-on-chips and bioprinted tissues have the potential to test the safety of drugs more accurately and cost-efficiently for a myriad of diseases. FierceBiotech Research highlights some organizations that are working on alternative drug testing technology.

Scientist: Let's not discredit acid-bath stem cell studies--yet

Some say the recent allegations about a potential stem cell breakthrough unveiled in January by a major Japanese research institution represent a larger problem of irreproducibility in early science research. But others, like Edward Ahn, managing director and chief science officer of Cambridge, MA-based MedCap Advisors, think we shouldn't jump to conclusions quite yet.

Industry-academic partnerships could help propel metabolic disease research

These alliances benefit not only pharma companies, which gain access to world-class scientists and robust drug discovery programs, but also academic institutions, which increasingly are realizing that relationships with Big Pharma are more and more vital.

Biosortia tapping into nature to fill early drug-discovery void

At a time when most of the biopharma industry has focused its preclinical research on screening synthetic compounds for their drug potential, Biosortia Pharmaceuticals is going back to nature to find promising compounds at the early stage of discovery. Read more >>

Doctor calls for boost in cord blood stem cell research

Embryonic stem cell research has yet to live up to all the hype. So far, human embryonic stem cells, or hESCs, haven't yielded any cures or therapies to treat diseases. Read more >>

Bristol, AZ take doses of Vanderbilt to treat depressed CNS drug R&D

Inking big deals with pharma giants Bristol-Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca, Vanderbilt has emerged as a leading institution for central nervous system drug research and discovery by bringing a business-like approach to the lab.

Stem cell research needs breakthroughs

Stem cell-based therapeutics are a fast-growing area of early-stage biotech research, but they need better production methods to enable large-scale R&D.